Q1: Which butane gas should I buy for jet lighters?

A: Opt for high-quality butane with minimal impurities. Look for brands specifically formulated for jet lighters, ensuring a clean and efficient burn.

Q2: The butane lighter has fuel but no flow at the nozzle. What’s the issue?

A: Check for air pockets and bleed the lighter. If the problem persists, clean the nozzle with compressed air to remove any blockages.

Learn why your jet lighter's flame turns regular instead of blue. Understand possible causes and solutions for optimal performance

Q3: What’s the punch for on my lighter?

A: The punch is for cigars. It’s a built-in cutter, providing a convenient way to prepare your cigar for a smooth and even burn.

Q4: Why is my torch lighter shooting a large regular-like flame?

A: Adjust the flame height using the flame adjustment tool. A high flame can indicate an excess of fuel; adjusting it can resolve the issue.

Q5: What to do if I’ve filled a lighter, but it isn’t staying lit?

A: Purge the air from the lighter by holding it upside down and pressing the refill valve until no hissing sound is heard. Ensure proper bleeding before igniting.

Q6: Why does my jet lighter flame become a regular flame instead of a blue jet flame?

A: This may result from impurities in the fuel or an improperly adjusted flame height. Use quality butane and adjust the flame to achieve the desired blue jet flame.

Q7: My torch flame is like the flame on a big lighter. How to fix this?

A: Adjust the flame height using the adjustment tool. If the flame remains inconsistent, bleed the lighter and refill with high-quality butane.

Q8: Can I take apart my torch to fix it?

A: Disassembling a torch lighter is not recommended. It may void the warranty and cause irreparable damage. Instead, follow the manufacturer’s troubleshooting guide or seek professional assistance.

Remember to always prioritize safety and refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific lighter models.

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