Zippo 65827 Butane Lighter in depth review

Zippo 65827 Butane Lighter | In-Depth Review

As a cigar aficionado, I’ve always appreciated the elegance and reliability of Zippo lighters. When I discovered the Zippo 65827 Butane Lighter Insert, I knew I had to give it a try. This review is all about sharing my experience with this fantastic upgrade, breaking down its features, and providing insights based on real-world usage.

Zippo 65827 Butane Lighter in depth review

Key Features

Genuine Zippo Single Torch Insert:

    • Compatibility: This insert is designed to fit seamlessly into any standard Zippo lighter case (except for Slim, Armor, and 1935 Replica models). It’s a perfect upgrade that lets you keep your favorite Zippo case while enjoying the benefits of a modern torch flame.

Push-Button Piezo Ignition:

    • Ease of Use: Gone are the days of fiddling with a flint wheel. The push-button piezo ignition system makes lighting up a breeze. One click, and you’re good to go. It’s a game-changer for anyone who loves convenience.

Adjustable Blue Flame Height:

    • Temperature: The blue torch flame can reach a scorching 2,300°F (1,260°C), ensuring a reliable and intense heat source.
    • Adjustability: With a simple twist of the dial on the bottom, you can adjust the flame height to suit your needs. Whether you’re lighting a robust cigar or starting a campfire, this insert has you covered.

Refillable with Butane Fuel:

    • Fuel Efficiency: With a 0.9g fuel capacity, this insert offers extended use between refills. Butane is clean-burning and efficient, making it an ideal choice for regular use.
    • Refilling Process: Refilling is a straightforward process. Just use Zippo butane fuel, and you’re back in action. No fuss, no mess.

Durable Construction:

    • Materials: Made from high-quality zinc, this insert is built to last. It can handle the rigors of everyday use and outdoor adventures, making it a reliable companion.

Iconic Zippo “Click” Sound:

    • Nostalgia: Despite the modern upgrades, this insert retains the classic Zippo “click” that we all know and love. It’s a little touch of nostalgia that keeps the experience authentic.

Gift-Ready Packaging:

    • Presentation: The insert comes packaged in a sleek gift box, making it an excellent gift for fellow lighter enthusiasts. It’s a thoughtful and practical present that any Zippo fan would appreciate.

Safety Features:

    • Child-Resistant Safety Button: This feature adds an extra layer of security, preventing accidental ignition by children. It’s a smart addition that ensures peace of mind.

Performance Evaluation Based on Objective Feedback

Ease of Use:

    1. Installation: Installing the insert into a Zippo case is quick and easy. It fits perfectly and maintains the classic Zippo feel.
    2. Refilling: Refilling with butane is a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly design. No more messy refills – just smooth and simple.

Flame Performance:

      • Wind Resistance: The torch flame performs brilliantly in windy conditions. Whether you’re out on the boat or lighting up at a breezy campsite, this insert won’t let you down.
      • Adjustable Flame: The adjustable flame height is a standout feature. It offers the versatility you need for different tasks, from lighting cigars to starting bonfires.

Fuel Efficiency:

    • Users report significant improvements in fuel efficiency compared to traditional Zippo fluid. The butane fuel lasts longer, reducing the frequency of refills and making it a more eco-friendly choice.

Durability and Build Quality:

    • The high-quality construction ensures durability and long-lasting performance. However, a few users have reported issues with the ignition system after several months of use, so it’s something to keep in mind.

Safety Features:

    • The child-resistant safety button is a thoughtful addition that enhances overall safety, especially in households with young children.

Practical Usage Scenarios

Outdoor Enthusiasts:

    • Camping and Hiking: The wind-resistant flame and durable build make it a reliable tool for lighting campfires and stoves in challenging outdoor conditions.
    • Fishing and Boating: The torch flame’s stability in windy environments is beneficial for lighting in outdoor activities involving water.


    • Cigar and Cigarette Lighting: The adjustable flame allows for precise control, making it perfect for lighting cigars without scorching them. The butane flame is also odorless, preserving the flavor of high-quality tobacco.

Everyday Carry:

    • General Use: For non-smokers, the insert is useful for lighting candles, starting barbecues, or providing a reliable flame in emergencies.

Collectible Appeal:

    • Zippo Collectors: Maintains the aesthetic and tactile appeal of classic Zippo lighters while offering modern functionality.

Potential Drawbacks

Aesthetic Compatibility:

    • The insert’s chrome finish may not match all Zippo cases, particularly those with unique finishes like brass or copper.

Soft Flame Preference:

    • Users who prefer a traditional yellow flame might find the blue torch flame less appealing. While the torch flame is more efficient, it lacks the softer aesthetic some users enjoy.

Manufacturing Concerns:

    • Some users have expressed disappointment that the insert is made in China, feeling it compromises the traditional American-made appeal of Zippo products.


The Zippo 65827 Butane Lighter Insert is a fantastic upgrade for any Zippo enthusiast. It offers significant improvements in functionality, particularly in wind resistance and fuel efficiency. Its ease of use, safety features, and versatility make it a valuable addition to any collection. While there are some aesthetic and manufacturing concerns, the overall benefits and improvements far outweigh these drawbacks.

For those interested in enhancing their classic Zippo lighter with modern convenience, the Zippo 65827 Butane Lighter Insert is an excellent choice. It brings together the best of both worlds – the timeless charm of a Zippo with the practicality of a butane torch. Give it a try, and you won’t be disappointed.


Unlocking the Ignition Experience: A Comprehensive Guide to Jet Lighters

Jet lighters, a favorite among those seeking optimal performance and design, have become an essential accessory for many. We unveiled the jet torch lighter’s performance and design in the last article. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of jet lighters, exploring their reliability, combustion efficiency, and captivating designs. Join us on a journey to understand the nuances of these high-demand devices and discover solutions to common challenges users may encounter.

Why Reliability Matters: A User’s Perspective

Users of jet lighters prioritize reliability, relying on these devices for everyday tasks like igniting cigarettes, candles, and outdoor stoves. Unraveling the importance of reliability, we explore how jet lighters ensure quick and stable ignition in various conditions, meeting users’ practical needs with precision.

Efficiency Unveiled: The Art of Combustion

Efficiency in combustion is a key aspect users care about, encompassing ignition speed, flame size, and stability. We dissect how efficient combustion not only accelerates ignition tasks but also ensures a clean and hassle-free experience for users.

Design Elegance: From Classics to Creativity

Dive into the world of external design, where jet lighters showcase classic, modern, and creative styles. We highlight brands like Zippo, S.T. Dupont, and Jobon, each with unique design features catering to diverse aesthetic preferences.

Brand Spotlight: Unveiling the Icons

Explore renowned jet lighter brands like Zippo, S.T. Dupont, Colibri, Xikar, Vector, and Jobon. From Zippo’s classic reliability to S.T. Dupont’s luxurious craftsmanship, each brand brings a distinct flair to the world of jet lighters. Discover their price ranges, materials, and unique features, empowering users to make informed choices.

Features Zippo S.T. Dupont Colibri Xikar Vector Jobon
Price Range $30 - $50 USD $100 - $1,000 USD $30 - $150 USD $30 - $100 USD $20 - $80 USD $10 - $40 USD
Material Metal, including copper and stainless steel High-end materials like gold, silver, lacquer Stainless steel, high-quality plastics Metal, including chromium and stainless steel Metals like chromium and stainless steel High-quality metals like stainless steel, aluminum alloy
Unique Features Customizable designs, replaceable flints and wicks Luxurious craftsmanship, blue flames for precision Fashionable designs, some with dual flames Engineering focus, wind control system for reliable use High-altitude valves, adjustable flame heights Multifunctional designs, dual-flame options, adjustable flame heights, windproof features

Troubleshooting 101: Overcoming Common Challenges

Discover practical solutions for common jet lighter issues, including ignition failures, gas leaks, and maintenance tips. From checking flints to applying soapy water, empower users with effective DIY solutions for a seamless jet lighter experience.

Navigate the jet lighter landscape with confidence, armed with insights into reliability, efficiency, and captivating designs. Elevate your ignition experience and overcome challenges with our comprehensive guide to jet lighters.


6 Tips help you to choose a better camping lighter​

6 Tips help you to choose a better camping lighter

When you head out on outdoor cycling or camping, there are a few essentials you definitely want to bring with you and a lighter is definitely one! What’re the best camping lighters for outdoor survival? You might not even be able to cook your food without a reliable lighter, nor boil water. Almost all campers, survivalists, and hikers will get some lighters in their storage. However,  are you sure they’ll be lit under any circumstances?


How to choose a good lighter for camping?  Here’s something you should know before buying a quality lighter.

1. Durability

A good lighter won’t break easily even if you drop down from hands, camping lighter should be sturdy and durable. In addition, it needs to take into account occasional exposure to moisture or rain, and is made of waterproof and rust-resistant materials.

2. Waterproof

A lighter for outdoor should work properly even in wet conditions or even after being immersed in water. Make sure humid air has absolutely no effect on it if you need a good lighter. 

3. Open Flame

Campfire lighter should work properly even in wet conditions or even after being immersed in water. Make sure humid air has absolutely no effect on it if you need a good lighter. 


4. Portable

In addition, portable should be another key element while choosing a refillable butane lighter. For example, this camping torch waterproof jet butane lighter is very small, compact and almost weightless for outdoor survival or camping.

5. Fuel Refillable

It would be better if the lighter is fuel reillable. So that you don’t have to constantly buy a new lighter, a can of butane fuel will meet your needs.


6. Support One-handed Operation

Whether the lighter used in outdoor camping can support one-handed operation is very important. Better don’t use those kinds of lighters that need both hands to ignite, as you can imagine, it might not be possible to light a fire if your hand was injured.


In complex outdoor environments, you may need to prepare a plan B in order to adapt to different survival. An extra lighter or magnesium rod and waterproof matches should be carried for backup. Also, igniting magnesium is full of fun. Never mind, we’ll talk about it in the next article.

fix-butane-lighter-Troubleshooting -Tutorial (1)

Fix Butane Lighter won’t spark? Troubleshooting & Tutorial​​

Fix Butane Lighter won't spark? Troubleshooting & Tutorial​

Normally, the torch lighter usually keeps a few minutes of low temperature after refilling, you should ignite it after a while. If the torch lighter sparks but doesn’t light after refill, this troubleshooting guide may help.

Troubleshooting & Tutorial

1. Check if the filled gas has the same purity as the butane filled before. It is recommended to purchase relevant accessories from brand manufacturers as much as possible.

2. Check whether the air inlet is blocked by foreign objects.

3. Whether the igniter has enough power and whether there is damage.

4. Try turning up to “+” the lighter valve. To do that, please adjust it higher by a little, testing whether it can be used normally. Do not turn the valve up too much at one time, or the jet flame will be too big or fail to hit.

fix-butane-lighter-Troubleshooting -Tutorial (1)

5. Adjust the ignition wire or replace the flint. The specific investigation steps are as follows.

If you’re using a piezo lighter:

1) Firstly Completely close the valve

2) Then observe the moment when the lighter is started, you can see the spark of the ignition wire. (If no sparks are produced, your lighter has reached the end of its life and needs to be replaced with a butane gas lighter.)

fix-butane-lighter-Troubleshooting -Tutorial

If the spark is generated on the edge of the butane spray outlet, you can adjust the lead wire with a screwdriver so that the ignition wire is directly above the air outlet.

Fix Butane Lighter wont spark
fix-butane-lighter-Troubleshooting -Tutorial

Open the valve and test whether it returns to normal.

If it’s a flint ignited torch flame lighter:

1) Make sure completely close the valve

2) Check if there is any spark generated when you turn on the butane lighter. If there is no spark, then the flint should be replaced. However, due to the particularity of jet lighters, it is more difficult to replace flint parts. You can check our previous article on how to replace flint.


How to change the Flint in Jobon lighter?

How to change the Flint in Jobon lighter?

How to change the Flint of Jobon lighter, it’s a standard job as you can see, no obvious way the trick is. Now follow me step by step.

First of all, extract the Flint Assembly thumbnail, lift it a little bit, and sort the whole thing like you can see here.


There’s a screw at the end. Behind this screw, there is a screw that holds the Flint inside up against the wheel. 


What we’re going to do is we’re going to take that screw out and then put in a new Flint. Make sure that the screw isn’t going anywhere; slow down release and outcome a little.  


There should be a little piece of metal there, which is the piece that goes between the Flint and the screw, so we take our new Flint from our pack, pop the Flint down inside, and then put the little metal plug at the end of the plug.


Then go inside there, and the little all squeeze down, and now we can wind up the screw. We don’t need to do it uptight because it’s not going anywhere.


Once you got the assembly back together, now get this back in the right orientation. You’ll see the curved side matches the shape with a lighter, pop those together like that, press home, and rotate slightly.

Finally, put in some fuel, and we should be away in charge of a short turn on the lighter and now it works.


Jobon Torch Lighter Review 2021

What is Jobon Lighter?

Jobon jet lighter powerful jet flame brings you a new experience, especially if you like to spend your evening windy in the garden. I bet it’s powerful enough and won’t go out.

Quality Material

It’s made of metal material has good corrosion resistance, which can maintain the original texture of the lighter for a long time.

Multicolor Exterior Design

A variety of colors match the ever-changing you. The surface design of this torch lighter is polished, very delicate, and comfortable in the hand.


This lighter is beautiful. It feels good in the hand with just enough weight to feel substantial. It looks classy, as a lighter that is being used on expensive cigars should. It just helps to set the mood for a nice herd session.


Please note that the lighter is empty and doesn’t fully fill butane because of safety policy. But don’t worry, they have clear instructions for anyone that doesn’t know how to fill a butane lighter. The instructions even cover maintenance tips. After filled lighter up and it worked flawlessly. 


You could also check our tutorial on how to refill a torch lighter.

The only negative thing I can think of is you need a tool to change the flame height, but this is also a positive because I have had lighters in the past that the valve was too easy to turn and would get turned up or down in my pocket and that’s just annoying.

Any cons about Jobon jet lighter?

Has a good weight to it, feels really great to hold and ignite. It fills easily, and the vertical design is definitely stellar enough to get any friend to ask where they can pick one up themselves.


It comes with a small manual detailing its instructions, warranty, troubleshooting, etc. My only gripe isn’t even detrimental to this excellent torch. If it comes with a neat cigar cutter thing will be better, but I don’t smoke cigars. So it’s ultimately a nonfactor in owning this item. I use it as a camping torch and emergency flame for the car.

Makes getting a fire going, a walk in the park. Got a few for each car and my camping kit. They’ve been 100% reliable.

Where to get this beautiful Jobon lighter? 


What is Jobon Lighter?

What is Jobon?

Jobon is a brand that focuses on a powerful high-quality butane torch lighter, it was established in 1988.

For over 32 years, Jobon specialized in producing and selling high-quality Metal Lighters, Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter, Multifunctional Lighter, Oil lighters, Cigarette Lighter and so on, and they keep development over hundreds of patent design on High-Class key Holder(all the material that Jobon use is the genuine leather and high-quality alloy to be stylish and durable). Cigarette Filters, Wooden Tobacco Pipe, Cigarette Water Pipe, and kinds of Smoking sets such as the Cigarette Cases and smoking accessory. Jobon has a strong R&D team to create and customize.

Why choose the Jobon torch lighter?

Jobon has always been quality-based, multi-brand management. With the new technologies, new processes, new materials, and the first to introduce foreign advanced manufacturing equipment and process technology. Adhering to the implementation of popular brand strategy, think consumers want and create value for the consumer, and to excellence in product quality, truly affordable price, and perfect after-sales service, has become more and more popular all over the world.

After years of exploration and innovation, Jobon has built its core competitive advantage, in product quality and appearance. Boutique Lighter product line mainly produces the Arc lighter, USB Rechargeable lighter, Windproof lighter, Torch lighter, Single Jet Flame, Double Jet Torch, Triple Jet Flame, Quad Jet Torch, Triple Jet Flame, Skyline Triple Jet Flame Butane, flame, straight flush lighters, and gift sets.

Where to buy Jobon butane torch lighters?

As a partner of the Jobon company, Man’s Toolbox has worked with Jobon for years. We highly recommend these powerful triple jet flames lighters. If you’re looking for some stable torch jet lights for your cigar, or camping, BBQ, they work perfectly. Started to smoke cigars more often so I needed a good butane lighter. I have a lot of cigar lighters (too many to count) and the bang for the buck on this one is by far and away from the best. It isn’t equal to my $100+ Siglo, but for the price it certainly matches up when you don’t want to take your good lighter with you. 

Remember to follow the filling instructions and flame adjustment back each time and this lighter will really treat you well….except for the looks of it…unless you’re into that ‘style’. If you smoke cigars, this should be your go-to lighter.