2022 Lighters Buying Guide | What is the Fuel Source of your Lighter?

Do all lighters use butane? Absolutely no, that depends on what kinds of lighters you’re using. There are several versions of lighters that use butane as a fuel source, so what is the fuel source that you should be filling your lighter with? Gas lighters are lighters that use butane gas as the raw material for ignition. You should always keep the gas in the fuselage so you can ignite the lighter.


Why the fuel source of the gas lighter is butane instead of methane?

The commonly used fuel gas is butane, which has the characteristics of easy combustion, easy liquefaction, easy storage, and low cost. A large amount of butane will be produced in the process of oil separation and purification, so butane lighter has a lower production cost, and it also comes with high combustion calorific value at a good cost performance. 

Simultaneously, butane can be easily compressed and liquefied by pressurization. When you press the button of the lighter, the compressed butane quickly turns into a gas and is ignited by a spark. However, methane is liquid at atmospheric pressure and cannot quickly turn into a gas and ignite. Therefore, most torch butane lighter can be used normally in low-altitude areas such as hills, and plains, for example, Jobon lighters for outdoor camping life cooking.


New torch butane lighter works intermittently?

If the lighter stops working, please check the corresponding problems first. It is usually caused by running out of gas fuel or blocking the fire outlet, etc. Let’s follow our article “5 common issues that torch lighter won’t light how to fix” for troubleshooting. Refilling a butane lighter is also not a big deal, you could refer to this how to refill my butane lighter tutorial to follow step by step.

Does altitude affect butane lighters?

Many people travel or travel to high-altitude areas, and it is not recommended to carry lighters fueled by butane. At 10,000 feet butane boils at 12F, as the temperature of the surrounding environment is very low, lower than the boiling point of -0.5 degrees Celsius, the released butane has a high possibility of still being released and exists in liquid form. At high altitudes, the oxygen content of the air is thin, and due to its high ignition point and low degree of mixing with air, that’s why butane lighter doesn’t work at high altitudes.

butane lighter won't work in high altitude

Electric or arc lighters are best at high altitudes. The fuel of plateau lighters is mainly methane, which is characterized by a high ignition point (about 600 degrees Celsius), a low boiling point (-88.6 degrees Celsius), and a high critical pressure (about 46 standard atmospheres). Since the ambient temperature at high altitude is definitely not as low as -88.6 degrees Celsius, the methane released will be gasified soon after it is released, and only the same mole of oxygen is required for the combustion of methane per unit Pamol (butane needs 4 times the oxygen), so it burns easily.

Electric or arc lighters are best at high altitudes

What lighters are worth buying in 2022?

The lighters are bigger around than the pictures look, about 3/4 of an inch across the top and about 6 inches long which was ok for men’s hands which are long and somewhat large. The flame is adjustable from about an inch to around 4 inches and clicks when lit. The switch is relatively easily engaged (much easier on the thumb than a bic) and must be held in position for the flame to stay lit. Overall, it’s a better solution for lighting compared to the big and bulky cooking butane torch. These little guys fit the bill perfectly and do a great job.

The lighters are bigger around than the pictures look, about 3/4 of an inch across the top and about 6 inches long which was ok for men’s hands which are long and somewhat large. The flame is adjustable from about an inch to around 4 inches and clicks when lit. The switch is relatively easily engaged (much easier on the thumb than a bic) and must be held in position for the flame to stay lit. Overall, it’s a better solution for lighting compared to the big and bulky cooking butane torch. These little guys fit the bill perfectly and do a great job.

It is the favorite lighter of all my friends, sleek, hefty, and with triple beautiful blue wind-proof flame. I’ve had no issues with filling it or using it. Jets are nice and strong in the factory setting. I would say you could go lower and conserve fuel if you’re lighting cigars with it. If you want to play with it as a torch you can turn it up. I plan on taking it with me when camping in the event that I really need to cook some wet tinder to get it going.

Cool and Creative Design. The foldable gun-shaped lighter is made of zinc alloy + ABS with a multi-layer electroplating process. Built with dual flame function. Turn on the valve switch on the side, slide the wheel to ignite the soft flame, and pull the “trigger” will transform into a blue jet flame. Easy change and simple operation. Cool and unique. Similar to what you’d find at a convenience store. If you want a signature lighter, look no further.


Jobon Torch Lighter Review 2021

What is Jobon Lighter?

Jobon jet lighter powerful jet flame brings you a new experience, especially if you like to spend your evening windy in the garden. I bet it’s powerful enough and won’t go out.

Quality Material

It’s made of metal material has good corrosion resistance, which can maintain the original texture of the lighter for a long time.

Multicolor Exterior Design

A variety of colors match the ever-changing you. The surface design of this torch lighter is polished, very delicate, and comfortable in the hand.


This lighter is beautiful. It feels good in the hand with just enough weight to feel substantial. It looks classy, as a lighter that is being used on expensive cigars should. It just helps to set the mood for a nice herd session.


Please note that the lighter is empty and doesn’t fully fill butane because of safety policy. But don’t worry, they have clear instructions for anyone that doesn’t know how to fill a butane lighter. The instructions even cover maintenance tips. After filled lighter up and it worked flawlessly. 


You could also check our tutorial on how to refill a torch lighter.

The only negative thing I can think of is you need a tool to change the flame height, but this is also a positive because I have had lighters in the past that the valve was too easy to turn and would get turned up or down in my pocket and that’s just annoying.

Any cons about Jobon jet lighter?

Has a good weight to it, feels really great to hold and ignite. It fills easily, and the vertical design is definitely stellar enough to get any friend to ask where they can pick one up themselves.


It comes with a small manual detailing its instructions, warranty, troubleshooting, etc. My only gripe isn’t even detrimental to this excellent torch. If it comes with a neat cigar cutter thing will be better, but I don’t smoke cigars. So it’s ultimately a nonfactor in owning this item. I use it as a camping torch and emergency flame for the car.

Makes getting a fire going, a walk in the park. Got a few for each car and my camping kit. They’ve been 100% reliable.

Where to get this beautiful Jobon lighter? 


How do windproof (jet) lighters work? Full Guide

If you want to extinguish the flame of a candle, you just need to blow a breath at it. But if possible to make the flame stay in the wind? Absolutely, butane torch lighters make it.  However, is the windproof lighter really safe? What should you pay attention to when using it?

What is a windproof lighter?

Windproof lighter refers to a lighter made by Bernoulli’s principle. Its fire is different from ordinary lighters, it’s usually called torch lighter or butane lighter, power with triple flames.

Windproof lighter is a special light that can be ignited even in harsh environments such as high winds.


Butane torches work by discharging liquid butane, stored in a pressurized space, in a narrow stream of gas. A flicker, made by striking flint with steel or simply by compressing piezoelectric crystal, ignites the gas. The Triple flame butane torch is a giant among torch lighters. Weighty and shaped to make an easy grip, the Triple Flame Torch is both intuitive and convenient. That makes the jet flame powerful and it could be powered on even under the windy environment. I got a triple flame lighter a few months ago, and it works windproof, this helps for someone usually work outside like me. 

How do windproof (jet) lighters work?

Most of the windbreak wall is non-porous, so when the wind blows horizontally towards the torch lighter windbreak wall. The wind is blocked and forced to flow to the sides and above, then a much smaller amount of air passes through the small holes. The area blocked by the iron sheet next to the hole is a low-pressure area, it makes the air column passing through the small hole dispersed, forming multiple vortexes inside the combustion chamber. These low-velocity turbulences are not enough for the wick flame to quickly take away heat. Therefore, the wick flame can be continuously maintained above the ignition point of Z oil, and the combustion can be maintained.


Is the windproof lighter safe?

It is easy to be triggered when heated no matter what kind of lighter it is. Basically, the power generated by a lighter itself is not very big, as long as there is no contact with the human body, it will not cause major damage. However, in midsummer, if the lighter is played around other inflammable and explosive products or in a car, the consequences are disastrous. In addition, wind-proof lighters still have some other safety hazards. 

Concerning wind-proof lighters are not as safe as ordinary lighters due to their high temperature, and the price may be more expensive, ordinary lighters seem are more commonly used in our daily life. But as long as we master the correct use method and pay attention to some matters, it will prevent danger from happening.


How to use windproof lighter correctly?

1. While using, the flame height will change to a certain extent as the product’s air content decreases, and the ambient temperature changes. This is a normal phenomenon, you could totally adjust the flame height appropriately.

2. It would be better to adjust the flame height at 1.5-2.5 cm.

3. Use a flat-blade screwdriver to align the flame regulator groove, or if the lighter is equipped with an adjustment ring, simply adjust it with your fingers.

(-) arrow direction means turning clockwise to lower the flame height; to (+) arrow direction means turning counterclockwise to increase the flame height. 

Make sure that the gas nozzle of the inflatable canister and the inflatable hole of the lighter are of the same specification, put up the lighter and the gas canister is down (shake it to expand the gas before use). Hold it for 3-5 seconds and it will be OK. After filling, the lighter will have a temporary venting phenomenon, up to 3-5 seconds. If there is a continuous venting phenomenon, the lighter may leak. 

In addition, there will be a temporary inability to strike after the gas is filled, and it will be fine after a while. The lighter can generally adjust the firepower, and you can adjust it appropriately according to your needs.


What should you know about the use of butane lighters?

1. Don’t burn the lighter for a long time. Don’t try to use it as an oil lamp, as regular long-term burning will cause the lighter to anneal, which will seriously affect its ignition performance.

2. Do not rub and fire on hard objects: do not rub and fire on the ground, stones, or wood, as this will seriously damage the flared wheel and eventually lead to failure to fire.

3. If your lighter burns for more than 10 seconds, please do not immediately pinch the windbreak wall and pull out the inner tank, because the heat conduction ability of metal is very strong. Even the windbreak wall cannot burn your hands, your fingers will be hurt.

4. Do not ignite in the wind. Although the windproof performance of the windproof lighter is good enough, do not deliberately ignite it in the wind, or test its windproof performance in front of the fan. Because it will accelerate the burning of the cotton core while wind blowing, thereby accelerating the carbonization of the cotton core. Buring the butane lighter under a strong wind, the carbonization speed of the cotton core can be multi times than the normal one.

5. Stay away from the fire source when refueling.

6. Keep away from children.

7. Strictly forbidden to flammable substances, clothing.

8. Don’t put lighters and sharps together: metal objects such as keys, fruit knives, etc. are put together, especially black ice or mirror machines, which can easily scratch the surface of the fuselage.