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Back Posture Correctors

Maintaining your best posture is not just great for adding inches to your frame, it will prevent you from experiencing various aches in your daily activities.

John Doe
John Doe@Joh**e
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I initially bought the Large but decided I needed the extra large so ordered another which worked even better. I do recommend this and the cost is certainly affordable.
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This works well for me ... "WHEN" I wear it! It is a slight inconvenience to put on but I definitely can tell it is helping me (when I do put it on). It's just a habit I need to get in to because I'm a sloucher who never sits up straight.
Daniel munoz
Daniel munoz@Da**z
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I am much more comfortable in a supine position for bed or on the sofa with the brace off. This is another really good buy I am congratulating myself for the purchase.

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