Best Torch Lighters for 2024

Best Torch Lighters for 2024

Torch lighters have become indispensable tools for cigar enthusiasts, offering not only functionality but also style and convenience. With an array of options flooding the market, it can be challenging to pinpoint the best ones. However, after scouring through reviews and analyzing consumer preferences, we’ve curated a list of the top torch lighters of the year, available on Let’s delve into what makes these lighters stand out and why they’re a must-have for any cigar aficionado.

Jobon Triple Jet Flame Torch Lighter

The Jobon Triple Jet Flame Torch Lighter boasts sturdiness, reliability, and a sleek design that exudes a steam-punkish charm. Its triple jet flames ensure a consistent and powerful flame, even when held at different angles, making it ideal for lighting cigars with precision. The adjustable flame length adds to its versatility, allowing users to tailor their lighting experience. With electric ignition and no need for flints, this lighter offers hassle-free operation. While it doesn’t come preloaded with butane due to shipping regulations, refilling is a breeze, taking just seconds. Plus, it comes in an elegant presentation-style box, making it the perfect gift for any cigar lover.


Offering exceptional value for money, the Jobon Stripe Gas Torch Lighter is a popular choice among consumers. Easy to fill and featuring a transparent container for monitoring fluid levels, this lighter combines functionality with convenience. Its reliable performance and affordable price point make it a practical option for everyday use. Whether you’re treating yourself or purchasing it as a gift, you can’t go wrong with the Jobon Stripe Gas Torch Lighter.

Best Torch Lighters for 2024

The Butane Lighter Spray Gun in Silver combines innovative design with functionality. Resembling a miniature spray gun, this lighter is as stylish as it is practical. Its windproof turbo flame ensures reliable ignition even in adverse conditions, making it suitable for outdoor use. With its eye-catching design and robust construction, this lighter is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Butane Lighter Spray Gun (Silver)​

Another standout option is the JOBON Torch Turbo Windproof Spray Gun, which offers unparalleled wind resistance, making it perfect for outdoor activities. Its turbo flame provides a powerful and consistent ignition, ensuring hassle-free lighting every time. The ergonomic design and durable construction make it a reliable companion for cigar enthusiasts on the go.

Last but not least, the Torch Lighter with Switchable Soft/Jet Flame offers versatility like no other. With the ability to toggle between soft and jet flames, users can customize their lighting experience according to their preferences. Its sleek and compact design makes it convenient to carry, while its reliable performance ensures a smooth and effortless lighting process.

Torch-Lighter-Switchable-Soft-Jet Flame

In conclusion, the top torch lighters of the year combine style, functionality, and affordability, making them a must-have for any cigar enthusiast. Whether you prioritize power, versatility, or design, there’s a torch lighter on to suit your needs. So why wait? Elevate your cigar experience with one of these top-rated torch lighters today.

Exploring_the_Perfect_Jet Lighter_Precision_Elegance_and_Resilience_Unveiled

Exploring the Perfect Jet Lighter: Precision, Elegance, and Resilience Unveiled

In the world of cigar aficionados, the search for the perfect lighter is a nuanced quest, filled with expectations that go beyond mere ignition. As someone with discerning tastes, I can be a bit picky, so sorry in advance 😅. Let’s delve into the criteria that define my ideal lighter, exploring the intricate details that elevate the overall cigar-smoking experience.

1. Visible Butane Level: Precision Unveiled

The ability to monitor the butane level becomes a critical factor in achieving precision in the cigar ritual. A lighter that offers a clear and visible indication of the butane level not only ensures seamless operation but also empowers the user with control over fuel consumption.

2. Classy Aesthetics: The Art Beyond Ignition

For aficionados like me, aesthetics matter. It’s not just about functionality; it’s about owning a piece of art. A lighter that exudes class in its design elevates the entire ritual, turning a mundane task into a sophisticated experience.


3. Super Wind Resistance: Conquering Outdoor Challenges

The resilience of a lighter against the elements is a testament to its quality. My experience with a double jet lighter revealed its limitations – optimal performance in specific conditions. To meet the demand for versatility, a lighter must be super wind-resistant, capable of delivering consistent performance regardless of outdoor challenges.

Ignite the lighter and test the flame height after refilled

In the pursuit of this perfect lighter, I’ve encountered the frustration of multiple clicks for ignition, especially in non-ideal conditions. Touch-ups, an essential part of the cigar-smoking ritual, become a formidable challenge. It was on one fortunate night that I managed to get my cigar lit, yet the journey doesn’t end there.

The ideal lighter for me harmonizes precision, elegance, and resilience. It goes beyond being a tool; it becomes an integral part of the cigar-smoking ritual, enhancing every puff with a touch of sophistication. As the quest continues, the perfect lighter remains an elusive yet rewarding pursuit for aficionados who seek excellence in every detail.


2022 Lighters Buying Guide | What is the Fuel Source of your Lighter?

Do all lighters use butane? Absolutely no, that depends on what kinds of lighters you’re using. There are several versions of lighters that use butane as a fuel source, so what is the fuel source that you should be filling your lighter with? Gas lighters are lighters that use butane gas as the raw material for ignition. You should always keep the gas in the fuselage so you can ignite the lighter.


Why the fuel source of the gas lighter is butane instead of methane?

The commonly used fuel gas is butane, which has the characteristics of easy combustion, easy liquefaction, easy storage, and low cost. A large amount of butane will be produced in the process of oil separation and purification, so butane lighter has a lower production cost, and it also comes with high combustion calorific value at a good cost performance. 

Simultaneously, butane can be easily compressed and liquefied by pressurization. When you press the button of the lighter, the compressed butane quickly turns into a gas and is ignited by a spark. However, methane is liquid at atmospheric pressure and cannot quickly turn into a gas and ignite. Therefore, most torch butane lighter can be used normally in low-altitude areas such as hills, and plains, for example, Jobon lighters for outdoor camping life cooking.


New torch butane lighter works intermittently?

If the lighter stops working, please check the corresponding problems first. It is usually caused by running out of gas fuel or blocking the fire outlet, etc. Let’s follow our article “5 common issues that torch lighter won’t light how to fix” for troubleshooting. Refilling a butane lighter is also not a big deal, you could refer to this how to refill my butane lighter tutorial to follow step by step.

Does altitude affect butane lighters?

Many people travel or travel to high-altitude areas, and it is not recommended to carry lighters fueled by butane. At 10,000 feet butane boils at 12F, as the temperature of the surrounding environment is very low, lower than the boiling point of -0.5 degrees Celsius, the released butane has a high possibility of still being released and exists in liquid form. At high altitudes, the oxygen content of the air is thin, and due to its high ignition point and low degree of mixing with air, that’s why butane lighter doesn’t work at high altitudes.

butane lighter won't work in high altitude

Electric or arc lighters are best at high altitudes. The fuel of plateau lighters is mainly methane, which is characterized by a high ignition point (about 600 degrees Celsius), a low boiling point (-88.6 degrees Celsius), and a high critical pressure (about 46 standard atmospheres). Since the ambient temperature at high altitude is definitely not as low as -88.6 degrees Celsius, the methane released will be gasified soon after it is released, and only the same mole of oxygen is required for the combustion of methane per unit Pamol (butane needs 4 times the oxygen), so it burns easily.

Electric or arc lighters are best at high altitudes

What lighters are worth buying in 2022?

The lighters are bigger around than the pictures look, about 3/4 of an inch across the top and about 6 inches long which was ok for men’s hands which are long and somewhat large. The flame is adjustable from about an inch to around 4 inches and clicks when lit. The switch is relatively easily engaged (much easier on the thumb than a bic) and must be held in position for the flame to stay lit. Overall, it’s a better solution for lighting compared to the big and bulky cooking butane torch. These little guys fit the bill perfectly and do a great job.

The lighters are bigger around than the pictures look, about 3/4 of an inch across the top and about 6 inches long which was ok for men’s hands which are long and somewhat large. The flame is adjustable from about an inch to around 4 inches and clicks when lit. The switch is relatively easily engaged (much easier on the thumb than a bic) and must be held in position for the flame to stay lit. Overall, it’s a better solution for lighting compared to the big and bulky cooking butane torch. These little guys fit the bill perfectly and do a great job.

It is the favorite lighter of all my friends, sleek, hefty, and with triple beautiful blue wind-proof flame. I’ve had no issues with filling it or using it. Jets are nice and strong in the factory setting. I would say you could go lower and conserve fuel if you’re lighting cigars with it. If you want to play with it as a torch you can turn it up. I plan on taking it with me when camping in the event that I really need to cook some wet tinder to get it going.

Cool and Creative Design. The foldable gun-shaped lighter is made of zinc alloy + ABS with a multi-layer electroplating process. Built with dual flame function. Turn on the valve switch on the side, slide the wheel to ignite the soft flame, and pull the “trigger” will transform into a blue jet flame. Easy change and simple operation. Cool and unique. Similar to what you’d find at a convenience store. If you want a signature lighter, look no further.


6 Tips help you to choose a better camping lighter​

6 Tips help you to choose a better camping lighter

When you head out on outdoor cycling or camping, there are a few essentials you definitely want to bring with you and a lighter is definitely one! What’re the best camping lighters for outdoor survival? You might not even be able to cook your food without a reliable lighter, nor boil water. Almost all campers, survivalists, and hikers will get some lighters in their storage, however,  are you sure they’ll be lit under any circumstances?


How to choose a good lighter for camping?  Here’s something you should know before buying a quality lighter.

1. Durability

A good lighter won’t break easily even if you drop down from hands, camping windproof lighter should be sturdy and durable. In addition, it needs to take into account occasional exposure to moisture or rain, and is made of waterproof and rust-resistant materials.

2. Waterproof

Campfire lighter should work properly even in wet conditions or even after being immersed in water. Make sure humid air has absolutely no effect on it if you need a good lighter. 

3. Open Flame

Windy is the most common weather that you’ll encounter outdoors. There are many benefits of an open flame over lighters like cigarette soft lighters. It has a certain windproof performance. 


4. Portable

In addition, portable should be another key element while choosing a refillable butane lighter. For example, this camping torch waterproof jet butane lighter is very small, compact and almost weightless for outdoor survival or camping.

5. Fuel Refillable

It would be better if the lighter is fuel reillable. So that you don’t have to constantly buy a new lighter, a can of butane fuel will meet your needs.


6. Support One-handed Operation

Whether the lighter used in outdoor camping can support one-handed operation is very important. Better don’t use those kinds of lighters that need both hands to ignite, as you can imagine, it might not be possible to light a fire if your hand was injured.

In complex outdoor environments, you may need to prepare a plan B in order to adapt to different survival. An extra lighter or magnesium rod and waterproof matches should be carried for backup. Also, igniting magnesium is full of fun. Never mind, we’ll talk about it in the next article.


How to clean a torch lighter?

How to clean a torch lighter?

What’s the best way to light a Cigar?

As a cigar smoking lover, having a torch lighter that can be used repeatedly for a long time can reduce my troubles. I don’t like to use disposable lighters, lighting my cigar is a laborious task. According to a report saying that plastic lighters cause a lot of environmental pollution every year, so I’m trying to treat this earth as kindly as possible.

One of the best ways to light up your cigar is to use a butane lighter. These types of lighters are very suitable for people who smoke cigars, especially butane lighters with concentrated firepower can prevent the taste of cigars from being contaminated by impurities.

Used this great hack to bring your lighter back to life

If you are using a torch jet lighter for cigar smoking, or just use a butane lighter for home use. It is also important to learn about the cleaning method of the lighter, which can ensure that the lighter can work normally for a long time. Well, actually, I was not very familiar with these techniques from the beginning, I also experienced the same troubles as you are now.

The first thing when cleaning the lighter, you need to do is to lower the flame of the lighter. The main reason for this is related to your personal safety. It is very important to be extra careful every time you clean the lighter to avoid severe burns. Make sure to set the length of the flame to the minimum flame setting, so as not to cause the flame to catch fire for some reason and not burn or burn badly.


Next step, using a matchstick. You will take the wooden end of the match (the non-ignitable end), turn the light over, and paste it into the butane valve. Once the matchstick is inserted, press it. If you are not sure where the butane valve is on the lighter, place it at the other end of the bottom of the ignition device. While pressing, you will hear a faint hissing sound, it’s because the air inside the lighter is released from the inside. Do this several times until all the air is released.


Using a can of compressed air can help you clean the combustion chamber of the jet flame lighter. If you want to remove all dust and other contaminants that may enter this part of the lighter. If the combustion chamber accumulates too much dust and debris, then it will clog and cannot be ignited.


Finally, wipe the entire lighter with a soft cloth, make sure that the cloth is dry and completely clean. If you should have to refill the lighter during cleaning, this will wipe away any excess butane that might have spilled on to the lighter.


Whatever, if you’re new to this and have not to try gas lighter so far, here you could see Jobon butane torch lighters in Man’s Toolbox. If this tutorial saved you from curb stomping the torch lighter and spending more money on another, please feel free to share it. For any questions, leave a comment below.


How to Refill a Butane Torch Lighter

How to Refill a Butane Torch Lighter? Today I will share my experience about refilling the gas jet light. This method has never failed for me and I can say that doing a purge has greatly increased the number of cigars that can be lit before a refill.


Release all tank pressure by pressing on the inlet valve with a small screwdriver or a XIKAR MTX Multi-Tool bleeder. Hold the lighter vertically while bleeding the valve. Repeat this several times until all fuel/ gas pressure is released.

Set flame adjustment to the lowest setting (-).

Turn lighter in an upside-down position and insert a butane tank tip directly on the fuel valve. Do not shake the can of butane! This increases the amount of propellant in the mixture that goes into the lighter, and should not be done. Press down firmly for about 5 seconds.


Before igniting lighter, wait 3-4 minutes.? This allows excess butane to evaporate and gas inside lighter to reach room temperature.

Set flame level to the desired height by turning the flame adjuster wheel.

Is there anything you might add or detract from this guide? Comment below.


Is the beard straightener really work?

A friend of mine showed me this beard straightener and I knew I had to try it. His beard is always perfect and when I saw the beard straightener I thought it would be perfect as a travel straightener for my own hair. 

After several months of use, I decided to share my experience on this hair straightener. According to its advertising, this beard straightening comb is designed in the USA to achieve different styles for all hair and beards, either curl, straighten, volumize, or simple brushing. Saying advanced MCH technology offers a fast, even heat distribution. Negative ionic technology yields better results. 


The low setting works but takes a slower pass to straighten. Can use a bit faster pass to get a generally clean look. High temp works a little faster and provides a very straight hair look. The comb part has just the right amount of grab to it and keeps the heat away from your skin. My older ones weren’t so nice. This site is much better also. Easier to use on a beard and if you just comb through it as you would with a regular brush, you end up with a nice straight, longer looking beard. Small enough to use on the mustache too. All in all, very pleased with the product after several months of use. Case, not heat resistant so be careful heating it up and letting it cool down.


It would be nice to have a heat resistant pad to place on like another one I have. If you lay a weighted object over a handle while heating/cooling, it will keep the head portion up off the counter so as not to burn.

I’ve tried other small-size straighteners but none seem to pack enough punch to give me the results I want. I don’t care if something is ‘made for women’, I don’t need pink flowers on my beauty products. I just need them to work! And this one does. It comes in a simple but nice drawstring bag, making it even easier to throw in my carry-on or in my purse, and the two settings let me choose how much heat I want to apply and makes it less damaging to my hair. It left my hair straight and shiny.

If you are low-maintenance like me, you will probably like this heated straightener brush. This is a great alternative for when you don’t have enough time in the morning for a traditional flat iron session, or are just simply afraid to use a traditional flat iron because of how hot they get, but still need a little extra help taming your hair, this is for you. It’s safer on the hands and less damaging to the hair.

For your reference.


  • Heats up in 30 seconds, the men’s beard straightener is designed to quickly style a beard or hair effortlessly.
  • Negative ion technology enables hair to be hydrated and smoothed simultaneously,
  • preventing heat damage and giving a healthy and polished look
  • The heat barrier comb, designed with revolutionary bristles glides across the face and scalp without harming the skin.
  • The quality performing beard straightening brush makes it easy to achieve and long-lasting effects regardless of hair type.
  • The dual temperature options ( 180℃/356℉) and (200℃/392℉) make satisfying results for all kinds of hair and beard.
  • The comfortable ergonomic handle and the flexible rotating power cord which prevents entanglement ensures its easy usage.
  • This slim and lightweight beard comb straightener(1.26*8.27 inch and 7.41 oz) comes with a velvet storage pouch,
  • which makes it easy when traveling.
  • The electric beard straightener brush is the perfect gift for anyone who likes stylish hair or long beard.

Cyelk Knife Sharpener Review | 2020

I seldom use handheld knife sharpeners, it works by using two pieces of tungsten carbide in a “V formation to wear away the metal on either side of a blade, creating a new edge. I tried electric sharpeners. These sharpeners didn’t help me sharpen my knife, so I decided to go back to the traditional knife sharpener.
When I saw the product with a brand name “Cyelk“, I have to say, the pictures of this knife sharpener attracted me at first glance. Then, I found it’s different than most sharpener on the market, it featured with 4 in 1 knife and scissor sharpening designed. This may not special for others, but for me, it’s my first time seeing this one. I tried to buy the product. During the epidemic climate, people stay at home and shop online. Logistics at the time get busy than usual, meanwhile, they should keep a distance from each other during working, it takes longer to deliver. But I finally got this sharpener for my dull knives. 
I can’t wait to use it on my knives, like the handle on the side to make it easier to use perfectly for both hands. On the bottom, you have a non-slip handle for stable use. I tried a few of my old knives and also achieved a great result with them. But you have to admit that it does not work for all kinds of knives, actually, at this price, it does a good job already.
Just like the actual use of the product, the sharpening effect was very important. Sharpen a few knives at a time. I was able to quickly restore the sharpness of the passivated blade and helped me to solve the problem. Instead of spending money on a new knife, you are spending money on a good sharpener. I’ve found it now. I am happy to use this knife as a new one.
For attentive consumers will find that they are also kindly equipped with brushes and gloves. My husband’s hands are rougher than mine, the glove protects my hands against the discomfort of holding the handle for too long, and it seems to protect against cuts. The brush can be used to clean the gap of the knife sharpener, what a nice household good!


How to make a jet torch lighter work perfectly

How to make a jet torch lighter work perfectly? This will be rather wordy but perhaps my long-term experiences with these can help others frustrated by the unit as I initially was. 

Initially (~4y ago) when I first tried these jet lighters (as did a friend), we were both very frustrated as they seemed to work well for a short spell (a few weeks) then sort of died. More clicks, fewer lights progressively, etc. Over time, however, we learned that these units just need to be ‘understood’ and little quirks (if unnoticed) cause them to progressively fail.

We tried the high end’ butanes, the ultra mega 5,000x virgin filtered GLacier butane blah blah blah, no improvement. But here’s what we learned that has made all the difference…

As noted by some – the butane tank is relatively small so refills are needed perhaps a bit more often than other torches, remember there are 3 jets too. Well, if you look closely at the ‘fill port’ on the bottom, you’ll notice it is also a flame intensity/output control with a standard screwdriver type ‘slot’ for turning to adjust…noting the + and – symbols to show which way to turn the port-adjuster screw.

Now, probably 80% of you are like ‘yah yah tell me something I didn’t know!’ right? Well here’s the thing… just by virtue of ‘filling’ the tank with a butane canister tip, that ‘activity’ alone causes ever so slightly the adjustment screw to turn a bit – so over time with each refill the adjustment was getting turned DOWN so eventually click click click SPUTTER pop pop fizz ‘Nuthin. Because the adjustment is unwittingly being reduced to non-functionality bit by bit with each refill ERGO, make sure you re-adjust the fill port screw every so often BACK UP to a working amount (may only be half a turn makes all the difference.

Second, when refilling, we learned that sort of pushing the canister tip in-out whilst also moving the lighter level, vertical, upside down, sideways, etc bleeds a lot of the air out allowing for a greater fill…BUT BEWARE…

1) It further causes the intensity screw to ‘reduce’ fractions at a time, so again, mind the setting screw and adjust it to backup a titch. AND

2) doing so gives a greater fill but also causes the unit/fuel to be VERY COLD. The lighter often wont light for a while unless/until you warm it back up (put it in pocket for 5 mins, hold it in your hand etc. The butane doesn’t like to light when very cold. So if you’ve just filled the unit, there’s a good chance it’s COLD and click click click ‘nuthin. Just warm it up and away she goes.

Finally, every so often take one of those PC compressed air cans and blast out the jet/spark area that tends to gather pocket lin\ lt, etc. preventing a spark and thus ignition. A good blast with your own mouth often helps almost as well. Keep it clean/lint-free.



1. Repeated filling causes death by fractions, the adjuster screw sloooooow (and imperceptibly!!) reducing each time you insert the canister tip. Keep it adjusted up accordingly after every few fills.

2. Tip the lighter left right up down this way that way whilst inserting the canister tip over and over as if ‘pumping’ the lighter while refilling, it will fill MUCH better, BUT

3. Will be COLD (needs to warm back up to light well) and will cause the screw to reduce even more – so keep it adjusted up, as above.

4. Keep the jet/spark area clean.

We now have no problems whatsoever going on 3+ years with a few of these lighters each. Not a speck of problems. Easy peasy we just needed to learn the nuances that make a good lighter seem like a bad one that dies. If you try the above, I bet almost everyone will realize the same issues. Anyway good luck.I