5 Common Issues that torch lighter won’t light, how to fix?

If you get upset because your torch lighter doesn’t work properly, please don’t worry, now take a few minutes to read this tutorial and bring your lighter to life again.

These are five common issues for a lighter that fails to work, go and check which one is the problem with your butane lighter.

  • Butane Lighter Tank is Empty
  • Need to High or Low your Fuel Adjustment
  • Try to Ignite but No Spark
  • Burners get Clogged
  • Air Trapped In Fuel Lines

Butane Lighter Tank is Empty

Most people thought the butane lighters were fulfilled when first purchased online. When they finally got the lighters in hand they found it didn’t work. Actually, due to the transportation safety policy, lighters are not allowed to install fuel during transportation. So make sure you fill the butane fuel correctly when you get the lighter. See how to fulfill butane fuel for your lighter correctly.


While sometimes you bought a new lighter, it worked well when first used. Butane is exhausted after a period of time using, however, you’ll see it doesn’t work well after refilling it. Many people doubt the bad quality of the lighter. In fact, this is not the case, most of this is caused by the different quality of the gas we use.

Need to High or Low your Fuel Adjustment

When your lighter flashes and then goes out. In this case, it is generally caused by the small opening of the valve or the low gas pressure. Just fix it by adjusting the valve slightly larger. Most lighters have a black rubber ring around the bottom of the air inlet, marked with a + sign – sign on this ring.

Use a flat-blade screwdriver to clamp the gap, and in the + direction, adjust it counterclockwise. After the adjustment, test it and it can fire normally. But if the gas exhalation is too loud or to spray open flame, it means that the valve is opened too much. It is necessary to adjust the valve lower.


Try to Ignite but No Spark

More commonly, the igniter end might be dirty. I’ll try to use a can of compressed air to blow and clean the end of the lighter if my lighter isn’t working. If it still doesn’t work after cleaning. The worst-case scenario would be that the ignition is dead.

Burners get Clogged

Please keep your lighters clean regularly. Impurities in cheap butane, lint, and other substances can clog the burner and make your lighter get stuck to work. This quick guide could help you solve it easily.

Air Trapped In Fuel Lines

There are usually other gases left in the fuel lines after the gas of the lighter is used up. First, release the air inside before you refill the butane gas. Try to use a small stick to press the inflated place and deflate until there is no sound of deflation. Once done, put it aside for half an hour before inflating your lighter until the gas inside is stable. Please feel free to check this tutorial on how to fix lighters that won’t light.

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19 thoughts on “5 Common Issues that torch lighter won’t light, how to fix?

    It will not let me refill it or burp it. Not letting the fluid in?

    Lock stopped working. Ignited burned my hip and couch. Not safe. What can be done

    If my torch only lights when I try and keep trying and then,smoothly tap the trigger on a unique angle, What do I do?

    Mine sparks but butane is not dispensing.

      I have a ion lite whip it torch & my clicker stopped clicking. Any way to fix it?

    Mine sparks but butane is not dispensing.

      My jet torch wont strike can it be fixed n how

    My scorch lighter won’t light even with another lighter

      I have the same issue. I’ve bleed my torch, and also pushed the arc wire closer to the jets so the arc doesn’t connect to anything that isn’t the jet. Torch will ignite but immediately dies. If I use another lighters flame to try and keep the flame from immediately dying, it’ll stay on as long as the other flame stays touching. The moment I take away the second flame it dies again. I don’t know what the issue is considering I’ve burped it a bunch now and never had this issue before. If anyone has any suggestions or solutions my email is maroonkaylee000@gmail.com or my telegram/Kik is Jinxedbyjade

    My VERY first lighter was a Huowa 4 torch. I tried to refill it with Zippo fluid instead of Butane🤦🏽‍♂️. I didn’t get alot in BUT then I tried to fill it with Butane and it the lighter wouldn’t work. I didn’t want to throw it away bc it’s a BEAUTIFUL lighter. So, I threw it in the drawer and bought a new one. The other day I was going through my drawer and came across the lighter. I am really hoping that there is a solution to fix this lighter. This was the first sight that popped up when I started Googling.

      Once my lighter gets hot it wont light again until it cools down why is this

    There’s is this little wire like sparker that gets corrosion on it sometimes you kind of need to clean that off by scraping it. Or sometimes I get a pair of tweezers and pull the sparker just a little so you can bend it back in front of the ignitor.

    My scorch torch worked until today when i refilled it the flame is now like a regular lighter is


      same issue

      Blow in it to clean inside by wick

      Is it run out of fuel?

    What a POS !!!!! Used it very little and now it doesn’t spark. God a hate getting ripped off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yea, I tried everything.

      Replace the flint dude!

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