Are Massage Guns Worth It?

This Massage Gun is designed with a T-shape, and the handle has a certain angle, which makes it inconvenient to massage the back and

other places, but it feels good and is relatively non-slip. It also includes a storage bag.


My daughter is a diver. I’ve been using a massage bed and my bear hand to help her with muscle recovery – no need to say, the tiredness is

transferred from her muscle to mine, every time. This tool is a saver more for me.


This massage gun has a lot working for it:

(1) The motor is relative quieter compare with similar earlier version of similar products

(2) The heads are well designed and easy to be mounted on and off

(3) The operation is no-brain: power switch on bottom and adjust button at the back with 3 levels of frequency

(4) The storage case is neat and could be put under the massage table

(5) Battery life is decent, and charging is quick

(6) Batter status indicator is helpful so you can control the charging pace


Very easy instructions out of the box to follow. Make sure you let it charge fully before first use. When it comes to my post-workout sessions

and my muscles are tight or tense, this massage gun allows me to target any area I want with 3 different speed settings. It comes with several

different heads to give you different techniques.

In my opinion this is the best percussion massager, it is really one of the only products within this price range that has been completely 

redesigned from the ground up in order to be a percussion massager.

You can dig deep into the pressure tissue they also have a ball right here, and then just a stopper that comes on standard. All you do is take

them off to pull them and then put them back in these. This one you kind of have to screw off and then screw it back in, in order to change the

battery on the hyper volt, you could press the button here and then pull off. It is the entire battery, and it’s also easily replaceable and easily


About the hyper volt is that you don’t have to press the trigger in order to use it, so you just turn on this button, and then you click on the back

right next to the battery indicator.