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Gas Lighter for BBQ Kitchen Cooking

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Gas Lighter High Capacity Torch Turbine – a sophisticated and powerful solution for diverse lighting needs. Boasting a high-capacity torch turbine with a distinctive two-flame blue flame, this lighter combines functionality with a touch of elegance.

Designed for versatility, the spray gun feature makes it ideal for lighting cigars, while its explosion-proof design ensures safety in various environments, from wild kitchens to outdoor activities.

Please be advised that, in compliance with aviation regulations, we ship the lighter without gas. Adding gas is a simple step that allows you to customize the fuel level according to your preferences. Elevate your lighting experience with the Gas Lighter High Capacity Torch Turbine – where style meets performance.


3 reviews for Gas Lighter for BBQ Kitchen Cooking

    January 20, 2024
    This is a great butane torch for quick-'n'-dirty soldering; lighting charcoal campfires, or birthday candles; and, giving a crackling glaze to a crème brûlée dessert for two! The controls operate very precisely to produce the kind of flame that's best for whatever you are choosing to heat up: an orange-tipped, low temperature flickering flame; or, a high-temperature, blue-tipped cone of fire, hot enough to melt glass! It wasn't promoted as a cigar smoker's lighter, but a cigar end cutter (which I can't use) was included with this torch. The set also included a small, detachable plastic stand that pops onto the bottom of the torch. The stand makes it a bit more stable to use the product, without using hands, even though it doesn't attach really well to the bottom of the product. Fortunately, the torch claims a 360 degree, uninterrupted flow of fuel to the ignition chamber; so, no matter what position you need to place it in (preferably, on a fire-proof platform with a fire extinguisher nearby!), the flame will always be lit. I own several of these types of butane torches, and this one is exceptionally well-made.
    Zicong Li
    October 12, 2023
    Stylish addition to my kitchen. Besides being a reliable lighter, it adds a touch of sophistication to my cooking space. The butane gas lasts a long time, making it a practical choice.
    August 20, 2023
    Precise and efficient. Using this lighter for jewelry welding, and it's been a game-changer. The turbo metal blue flame provides the precision I need for intricate tasks. Impressed!
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