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Butane Gas Lighter

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Torch Lighters, Quad Jet Flame Butane Lighter, fluid Refillable Jet Lighter with Puncher Cutter Butane Window (Butane Not Included)


4 JET FLAME TORCH LIGHTER: flame height-adjustable, large flame base, quad jet powerful flames allow you to light the things in seconds.

BUTANE REFILLABLE LIGHTER: visible fuel tank, universal refill valve, the torch lighter does not come filled with butane due to mailing regulations, please refill it before use.

STYLISH BUTANE LIGHTER: The torch jet lighter bottom inflation interface, can recirculating inflatable. With transparent visible butane air window, built-in puncher tool, easy to carry.

MULTIPURPOSE: the windproof lighter allows you to light quickly. The jet torch lighter suitable for occasions like hiking, camping trip, BBQ on the beach, parks, etc.

BEST SERVICE: We devote ourselves to provide the best customer service and bring the best shopping experience to every customer. If you are not satisfied with the jet torch lighters, please kindly contact

Warm Tips

  • Due to containing butane gas cannot be transported. Please fill butane gas before use.
  • Do not catch fire when filling the gas.
  • Adjust the gas direction (-) before filling the gas.
  • After filling the gas, please adjust it in the (+) direction to maintain the height of 2-3CM.
  • When the gas capacity is small, the flame size will be unstable. Please use it after inflation.
  • The lighter is made of butane gas. Do not put it at 55 degrees, do not expose it to sunlight.
  • There is a high-pressure flammable gas in the lighter, Please keep away from children.


Step 1: Choose Butane
Choose the right butane is very important for lighters. In general, high purity and high-quality butane can prolong the life of lighters.

In addition, the butane with low purity and poor quality contains too much air, which will cause the lighter to fail or fail to ignite during use.


Step 2: Release Gas
Before refilling a butane torch lighter, it is necessary to drain any remaining fuel from the lighter. Use a small screwdriver to set the flame height adjuster to a minimum and push the refill valve down with the screwdriver to release the gas in the tank. Keep away from your face and clothes while operating.

The positive and negative signs will indicate a larger or smaller flame.


Step 3: Filling & Adjust Flame
Make the lighter is upside down and place the butane fuel nozzle into the filling valve, refill the lighter about 5-10 seconds. The filling time can be increased or decreased according to the actual capacity of the tank.

After filling please wait for two minutes to get reach room temperature before using the lighter. Please remember to adjust increase the flame before using the lighter.

7 reviews for Butane Gas Lighter

    April 19, 2021
    This is a beautiful lighter. It’s incredibly simple to use, you just fill it up underneath and it’s good to use. A standard (flathead) screwdriver can be used to adjust the flame height up or down, which is necessary upon first use and also when changing elevations (due to the change in oxygen density in the air, it affects the flame). This is the kind of lighter you can feel good about using in public, it’s aesthetically appealing (pleasing to look at, looks fancy and expensive).
    March 3, 2021
    I really like this. The single motion to open and light it is nice. It has a nice feel and weight to it. It would be nice for a gift or yourself.
    Butane Gas Lighter photo review
    February 12, 2021
    😀I had a hard time finding a small torch lighter that had good reviews. The lighter showed up on time undamaged. It filled easily and lit after third strike. It lights perfectly on first strike now that it’s filled. It has a nice weight to it that feels substantial. For the price, this is a nice unit.
    Butane Gas Lighter photo review
    Butane Gas Lighter photo review
    Butane Gas Lighter photo review
    January 5, 2021
    Bought 4 and want more! Just got my 4th lighter, it’s working flawlessly. Don’t know what these other guys are doing wrong but these lighters are very nice. Will no doubt be buying more 🔥 😎👍🏼 Just night 2 more cuz I love this freakin lighter
    Chris S
    November 13, 2020
    😀😀Love my little torch! I am a resin artist and wanted to start small because I’m pretty nervous around flames. This was very easy to load with butane and the lock button feature makes it seem very safe when using. The flame is just enough to graze over my artwork to pop bubbles without torching the entire thing and becoming dangerous. Highly recommend
    Ariana L.
    July 13, 2020
    Torch leaks 😭😭😭 Threw away box (my own fault). Probably going to have to just go down to a store and pick one up. Worked great, nice and powerful, but leak makes ineffective. Edit: The company reached out and asked if I would like a replacement and the new one is perfect! No leak. Just as powerful as the last one. Much better than one we purchased from a local store!
    Ahmad Ahmad
    June 19, 2020
    🙂This torch has a very strong flame when it's set to higher levels, strong and direct flame with good spread. However, if you turn it down low, it's not so good. The flame either doesn't stay lit, or it's more of a 'soft' flame and not a nice strong torch. 😶The safety lock on the switch serves to "lock" the switch so it doesn't accidentally get pressed, but you can also lock it after you fire the flame so it locks the flame on. No fuel level window. Fills easily though.
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