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Multitool Pliers

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Multitool Pliers, 18-in-1 Multi-Purpose Pocket Knife Pliers Kit, Durable Stainless Steel Multi-Plier Multi-tool for Survival, Camping, Hunting, Fishing and Hiking …

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ATTACHMENT DETAILS Pliers-Multitool-Folding-Pocket-EDC-Camping-Outdoor-Survival-hunting-Screwdriver-Kit

Save Money & Space– Just one durable, sophisticated, compact multi tool with a folding design can fully save your space. And you spend very little money on just one pocket knife can achieve five functions, knife/saw, pliers, can opener, opener, and a screwdriver with a 9-in-1 bit set. It is your preferred tool for projects at home, at work, or at campsites.

Stainless Steel Multitool– The Multitool pliers is made of 440C stainless steel with premium hardness and rust resistance, 7.7 Ounces weighs. Black oxide multifunctional knife sports a sleek, stealth look.

ATTACHMENT DETAILS Pliers-Multitool-Folding-Pocket-EDC-Camping-Outdoor-Survival-hunting-Screwdriver-Kit

Designed for Safety– To prevent from accidentally hurting your hands, The blade will be locked when it is open, and if you want to fold it, then you need to press the liner lock to unlock the blade then you can close the blade. Ergonomic handle design, grooved handle design for easy grip, This equipment is designed for all use habits.

Easy to Carry– All little tools could be folded easily without taking much place and there is a nylon cloth bag, which can be directly stuck on the belt and the bag for easy carrying.

Best Gift for Outdoor Activities– The best gift for adventure seekers. If you are looking for a great gift for that special someone in your life that loves to outdoor survival, camping, hiking, and hunting.

ATTACHMENT DETAILS Pliers-Multitool-Folding-Pocket-EDC-Camping-Outdoor-Survival-hunting-Screwdriver-Kit

Safety Guideline

  • To avoid personal injury, Please use tools according to their design. Improper use will lead to personal injury.
  • When unfolding blades and sharp tools, point them away from you.
  • When cutting or sawing. Direct the blade away from yourself. Keep free hand and loose clothing away from tools and blades in use.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Be sure tools completely store when not in use. Do not leave sharp edges exposed. Store properly to prevent damage or injury.

9 reviews for Multitool Pliers

    Matthew T. Hammer
    July 11, 2021
    I have owned a few different multitools by gerber, leatherman, kobalt, and a few others. I always thought the leathermans were the best, and still think they are an amazing brand. But I bought this one to fit in an accessory pouch on a knife sheath and this was my first experience with a sog multitool.
    Multitool Pliers photo review
    Multitool Pliers photo review
    Multitool Pliers photo review
    Matt Terry
    May 23, 2021
    I finally had to get another. So far so good but I have not run it thru the Wringer yet. My other one-same Model but Stainless not coated has been a Daily User since about 2010. I do mean Daily tho sometimes and some days are rougher than other-one day it might just have to cut some cord or open a box, another day it might have to take apart a Microwave or a Treadmill. Drive some screws into the fence to repair where one of the dogs busted the board. At the end of it's life it has a tipped blade and the main blade no longer stays closed so I have to rubberband it or remember to insert it into the sheath properly si ti does not ccatch.
    Mike Morrow
    April 19, 2021
    Pliers have force multiplying gears, which Leatherman lacks. Tools lock out when in use. Releasing the lot is a little bit difficult but provides important safety to keep from collapsing while you work. Good selection of tools. Would like to have this in plain, white metal finish.
    February 16, 2021
    Purchased for everyday carry and for hunting rifle maintenance while camping. The tool comes coated in a thin layer of grease to prevent rusting while in storage. Can be wiped off with a degreaser (avoid cleaning grease out of the joints). Seems sturdy and well made, happy with purchase so far.
    November 23, 2020
    In order to open the plier, the handles have to spread open a little bit. So you want to hold the tool by the "outside" handle. Pinch the "outside" handle between your thumb on one side and four fingers on the other side. The "inside" handle is in toward your palm, but not really touching your palm. Now move your hand and lower arm quickly downward, straightening the elbow as you do. 😏The "inside" handle can move a bit toward your palm, allowing the handles to separate ever so slightly, and allowing the plier to extend with a satisfying click. Easy peazy.
    Mama G.
    November 1, 2020
    I'm a party planner and I have certain necessities to include in my toolkit. I have screwdrivers and scissors and knives. It gets heavy and cumbersome when I have all these in my bag. This is one of my new favorite tools to include in my toolkit. I have now replaced all my individual pieces with this one piece. Although I still have my favorite scissors in there. My bag is so much lighter and I can find this tool so easily. I love that it has so many different heads for the screwdriver option. I also like that I have access to all my tools in one place now. My only wish is that it includes a hammer. If it did it would truly be the ultimate tool for my toolkit. The tools included are very stable and not flimsy. The quality is excellent. I highly recommend this multi tool.
    Liem V.
    September 12, 2020
    A tool like this is designed to fill in when carrying a full tool box is not practical—and it can definitely get you out of a jam. The design might be a little bulky and heavy but I have to admit it’s a decent value. Although it has more weight to it, i dont find it unwieldy or awkward to carry. All the tools deploy from the outside of the frame. For testing purposes, i tried to cut rope, twine, lamp wire, 14-16 gauge indoor branch circuit wire, maple saplings and branches, paper, and plastic. With the pliers, i gripped, squeezed, twisted, and turned various bits of hardware. Knife is good I carved white pine boards and maple branches. I opened bottles, cans, and shipping packaging with ease. Its 9 screwdriver bits capably handle the most common screws. The pliers are my favorite, very functional and works with most stuff as it has decent grip. I wish the tool has built in scissors but the knife will suffice for the multipurpose
    August 21, 2020
    It is easy to carry around this multi tool with the included belt pouch. It takes all but a few seconds to slide this through my belt. Somedays my back pants pockets are full of various tools as I work on projects, and this multi tool just eliminated that mess. It has the basic tools I need & a very sharp knife with serrations. The screwdriver attachment with the bits allow for more tools with less space. I swapped a couple of the bits for others that I use more frequently and the bit holder holds them in place. I really like that the knife has a thumb lock so it doesn't fold in accidentally when using. The overall construction feels solid & the multi tool should last a lifetime.
    July 9, 2020
    I purchased several "value for the money" knives and multi-tool over the past several months. I just received this little gem this week. This multi-tool comes well packaged and has a nice nylon carrying that in includes a belt loop. It also includes a 9 piece screwdriver set with a socket driver. The Multi-tool has a 3" knife blade, pliers which are very sturdy, can opener, bottle opener and a phillips screwdriver which also is the driver set for the 9 pieces attachment drives. What I will cation you on is the SAFETY LOCKING BLADE. I've noticed on several knives including this one that when they are new, the safety lock does not engage. Make sure the blade is fully extended to engage the locking mechanism. Nothing faulty, just be careful that it is totally engaged. If it is like the others this becomes easier with use.
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