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Hair Clipper Barber Trimmer for Men (Gold)

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Want to try your hand at making those sick haircut designs?



Achieve remarkable professional-looking stylized designs for your hair with the amazing ornate Hair Clipper!

This ornate clipper features ultra-sharp precision trimming blades to provide you with the best styling possibilities!

It features a unique personalized decorated handle so you can show off your style as you trim!

It’s an amazing stylized clipper for every professional! Get astounding precision haircuts and styles with the razor-sharp ornate Hair Clipper!

Blade washable

Simply rinse the blades under running water for quick, hygienic cleaning

NOTE: Please do not immerse the whole clipper in running water

Self-Sharpening Precision Blades

Titanium – ceramic blades are made to ensure that they do not burn skin from overheating. Self-sharpening, precision ground blades cut through all hair types and stay sharp longer. It’s durable sharp. Narrow blade, no card hair, and no damage to the skin surface.


Create any hairstyle

Small and portable design, coupled with more subtle scale adjustment, can create any shape hairstyle you want.


  • Commodity Quality Certification: CE
  • Size: 15 * 2.4 * 3.1 cm
  • Item Type: Hair Trimmer
  • Material: ABS
  • Model Number: 110244
  • Net weight: 265 g
  • Gender: men
  • 3 guide combs: 1mm, 2 mm, 3 mm
  • Blade material: Carbon steel blade
  • battery: 1200mAh lithium battery
  • Service life: 90 minutes

It’s remarkably portable so you can trim your hair or beard anytime and anywhere!

Get precision styled haircuts and beards with the ultra-convenient Hair Clipper!

Low Noise High-Quality Precision Trimmer!

  1. It uses a powerful low noise electric motor to provide you with advanced precision trimming without the annoying buzz!
  2. It features a fully rechargeable lithium-ion battery giving you a full wireless trimming experience!
  3. Easily swap the heads within seconds with its amazing R shaped obtuse-angular design!

Warm note:

1. The extra battery not be included, this is because the air shipping company does not allow us to ship the battery which is not fixed in the machine, appreciate your kind understand.

2. The oil bottle will not be included, this is because of the air shipping limitation, oil is not safe for air shipping. Please understand us, much appreciated!

7 reviews for Hair Clipper Barber Trimmer for Men (Gold)

    Hair Clipper Barber Trimmer for Men (Gold) photo review
    Hair Clipper Barber Trimmer for Men (Gold) photo review
    Hair Clipper Barber Trimmer for Men (Gold) photo review
    December 3, 2020
    My sexy bearded husband uses this for precision and zero gap (his term, I don't know what this means). He likes it. He gets beard compliments.
    November 22, 2020
    This clipper comes with 4 different sizes of the blade which provide greater flexibility. Also, it is cordless with the USB charger, you can easily use any USB port to charge it. It is light and easy to hold on hand, not too big. In addition, it also has a brush to help you clean the blade. In short, it is a great product for a haircut.
    Hair Clipper Barber Trimmer for Men (Gold) photo review
    November 2, 2020
    👍So easy to use! You just need a steady hand. Mine came charged so I didn’t even have to wait. The design is really cool as an added bonus. Totally worth the price compared to most other hair tools, clippers, or scissors. As a cosmetologist I would recommend this tool for its price and function. The charge last for a decent amount of time and it comes with the charger. There’s no funky way to turn it on and off. Just a simple click and a simple click to turn it off. The trimmer cuts really well. It’s a quick fun way to switch things up. I’m glad my brother volunteered as a test subject! All went well and he loves the funky design with his dark and blue hair. He sometimes gets bored with the same old thing so this tool added some interest and it’s easy to grow out and do something different. I’m definitely going online to get inspiration. I want to use this whenever anyone lets me. It can be as simple or as complicated as you’d like. It’s nice to use at anyone’s experience level. As I said there is a wide range of possibilities for this product.
    Tania Chaney-Bobo
    October 8, 2020
    I am not a hairstylist but I got hair for family and friends. This has been a great little tool for cleaning up the back of the hairline, trimming around ears and cutting designs into hair. Today was my 1st attempt to use it and I like how lightweight and portable it is. The fact it's rechargeable is just incredibly convenient as well. It last around 3 hours on 1 charge and comes with 4 combs: 1/16", 1/8", 1/4", 3/8". Makes giving haircuts easier and fun!
    October 1, 2020
    I have owned a lot of sets from many of the bigger named manufacturers. After going through a few sets of clippers that failed due to various reasons (battery stopped holding a charge, battery corrosion, blades seized, motor burned out), I decided to try this clippper. The clippers themselves fit in my hand like a glove. The guard mover is in a good position and has a solid feel when I slide it in and out to blend my hair and beard. The battery weight with the metal construction gives a well balanced feel so it won't slip backwards or forwards in different positions. I have already had 3 friends comment on how nice these are when they come over to visit and see these clippers sitting on my bathroom sink. It is very beautiful and I like it so much.
    Eric Magee
    September 6, 2020
    👍👏☕Purchased (2) so far... My second one will be given as a gift. Awesome clipper!!! I'm glad I did.............
    July 28, 2020
    I'm really happy that I bought this professional hair clippers, even beginners can use it. I just cut my little brother's hair, which is a cool boy. He is satisfied with his new hairstyle
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