Is this Budget Massage Gun better than HyperVolt? | 2020 September

If you are familiar with the HyperVolt Massage Gun and like the size, weight, power & operation (but not the price), then this massage gun is the device for you. Man’s Toolbox recommends fit/finish is great, and the storage case is very high quality too. The motor operation is pleasantly quiet, even under load. I was expecting a HyperVolt knock-off, but the Man’s Toolbox Fascia Gun is actually just as good in my opinion. Great device – I highly recommend it!


More detailed review:

Regarding my comparison – I can say this because my brother has the HyperVolt and is very happy with it. We did a side-by-side comparison. First off, anyone suggesting the HyperVolt is more powerful than the Man’s Toolbox Fascia Gun is incorrect. There’s no real noticeable difference in the percussion feel. I do agree that under load the Man’s Toolbox makes a bit more noise than the HyperVolt, but only slight.


The stroke length is nearly identical (0.40″ vs 0.47″). We both agreed after using both devices there isn’t much difference between them. In fact, the battery capacity and rating on both devices are nearly identical (2400mAh/51.84Wh for Hypervolt and 2600mAh/60Wh for Man’s Toolbox Fascia Gun. The battery lasts about 180 mins on either unit (depending on how you use it), so power output is about the same. We did notice in comparing the 3 spread settings that the highest speed settings on the this massage gun seem slightly lower frequency than the HyperVolt’s high speed, but the low and medium speed settings are comparable.


One other feedback- the battery is removable but is a snug fit. The battery must be properly aligned when you reinstall it, so make sure to align the keyway!


So, I feel like I keep seeing these massage guns pop up everywhere. But… it makes complete sense after you try one out! I actually have tried 2 different ones and this is my favorite of the 2! As an athlete, I constantly have muscle pain, back pain, just… pain.. lol. This thing is a godsend. I sit on the couch with it while I watch TV and it’s not too loud to still hear the TV. I recommend having someone else help you reach your lower back, but you can totally do your neck/shoulders on your own. You can also use this on some other muscles occasionally, but I honestly find the most relief in my neck/shoulders for sure. The carrying case is nice for storage, but think thing isn’t going anywhere far lol. I seriously have been using this daily since it arrived last week and I’m obsessed.

If you’re like me and have chronic neck/shoulder pain specifically, just go ahead and treat yourself to this now, you won’t regret it. More info about massage guns, feel free to check this article.


How do windproof (jet) lighters work? Full Guide

If you want to extinguish the flame of a candle, you just need to blow a breath at it. But if possible to make the flame stay in the wind? Absolutely, butane torch lighters make it.  However, is the windproof lighter really safe? What should you pay attention to when using it?

What is a windproof lighter?

Windproof lighter refers to a lighter made by Bernoulli’s principle. Its fire is different from ordinary lighters, it’s usually called torch lighter or butane lighter, power with triple flames.

Windproof lighter is a special light that can be ignited even in harsh environments such as high winds.


Butane torches work by discharging liquid butane, stored in a pressurized space, in a narrow stream of gas. A flicker, made by striking flint with steel or simply by compressing piezoelectric crystal, ignites the gas. The Triple flame butane torch is a giant among torch lighters. Weighty and shaped to make an easy grip, the Triple Flame Torch is both intuitive and convenient. That makes the jet flame powerful and it could be powered on even under the windy environment. I got a triple flame lighter a few months ago, and it works windproof, this helps for someone usually work outside like me. 

How do windproof (jet) lighters work?

Most of the windbreak wall is non-porous, so when the wind blows horizontally towards the torch lighter windbreak wall. The wind is blocked and forced to flow to the sides and above, then a much smaller amount of air passes through the small holes. The area blocked by the iron sheet next to the hole is a low-pressure area, it makes the air column passing through the small hole dispersed, forming multiple vortexes inside the combustion chamber. These low-velocity turbulences are not enough for the wick flame to quickly take away heat. Therefore, the wick flame can be continuously maintained above the ignition point of Z oil, and the combustion can be maintained.


Is the windproof lighter safe?

It is easy to be triggered when heated no matter what kind of lighter it is. Basically, the power generated by a lighter itself is not very big, as long as there is no contact with the human body, it will not cause major damage. However, in midsummer, if the lighter is played around other inflammable and explosive products or in a car, the consequences are disastrous. In addition, wind-proof lighters still have some other safety hazards. 

Concerning wind-proof lighters are not as safe as ordinary lighters due to their high temperature, and the price may be more expensive, ordinary lighters seem are more commonly used in our daily life. But as long as we master the correct use method and pay attention to some matters, it will prevent danger from happening.


How to use windproof lighter correctly?

1. While using, the flame height will change to a certain extent as the product’s air content decreases, and the ambient temperature changes. This is a normal phenomenon, you could totally adjust the flame height appropriately.

2. It would be better to adjust the flame height at 1.5-2.5 cm.

3. Use a flat-blade screwdriver to align the flame regulator groove, or if the lighter is equipped with an adjustment ring, simply adjust it with your fingers.

(-) arrow direction means turning clockwise to lower the flame height; to (+) arrow direction means turning counterclockwise to increase the flame height. 

Make sure that the gas nozzle of the inflatable canister and the inflatable hole of the lighter are of the same specification, put up the lighter and the gas canister is down (shake it to expand the gas before use). Hold it for 3-5 seconds and it will be OK. After filling, the lighter will have a temporary venting phenomenon, up to 3-5 seconds. If there is a continuous venting phenomenon, the lighter may leak. 

In addition, there will be a temporary inability to strike after the gas is filled, and it will be fine after a while. The lighter can generally adjust the firepower, and you can adjust it appropriately according to your needs.


What should you know about the use of butane lighters?

1. Don’t burn the lighter for a long time. Don’t try to use it as an oil lamp, as regular long-term burning will cause the lighter to anneal, which will seriously affect its ignition performance.

2. Do not rub and fire on hard objects: do not rub and fire on the ground, stones, or wood, as this will seriously damage the flared wheel and eventually lead to failure to fire.

3. If your lighter burns for more than 10 seconds, please do not immediately pinch the windbreak wall and pull out the inner tank, because the heat conduction ability of metal is very strong. Even the windbreak wall cannot burn your hands, your fingers will be hurt.

4. Do not ignite in the wind. Although the windproof performance of the windproof lighter is good enough, do not deliberately ignite it in the wind, or test its windproof performance in front of the fan. Because it will accelerate the burning of the cotton core while wind blowing, thereby accelerating the carbonization of the cotton core. Buring the butane lighter under a strong wind, the carbonization speed of the cotton core can be multi times than the normal one.

5. Stay away from the fire source when refueling.

6. Keep away from children.

7. Strictly forbidden to flammable substances, clothing.

8. Don’t put lighters and sharps together: metal objects such as keys, fruit knives, etc. are put together, especially black ice or mirror machines, which can easily scratch the surface of the fuselage.


What Should You Know Before Buying Fascia Guns​

The fascia gun can be said to be one of the hottest equipment in the past two years, it is commonly used in many ordinary-scale commercial gyms. While driven by celebrities, this attractive product is becoming more and more popular, especially during city lockdown, fascia gun becomes a daily carry item for those middle class.

Nowadays, more and more office people lack exercise in the human body will cause muscles to become loose and rigid. For example, muscles in the arms, buttocks, and thighs are loose, but the muscles in the shoulders and back areas are stiff, pain, and other health problems.

In order to alleviate these discomforts and make muscles relax, massge guns make it easier for people.

What does a Massage gun do?

Massage guns offer what’s known as percussive or vibration therapy. This type of massage provides rapid bursts of pressure into the body’s muscle tissue (hence the rippling effect of massage guns) as its head oscillates back and forth.

Is fascia a real thing?

Scientists are still learning about the fascia. In fact, there’s a lot of debate on its official definition. However, it’s widely accepted that fascia is a continuous layer of connective tissue that covers all your muscles, bones, organs, and nerves. It’s mostly made of collagen, and it helps to give form to your body.

The main function of the fascia in the muscle is to reduce the friction between different muscle tissues and help them contract better. We learn from research from the University of Ulm in Germany has shown that the fascia can actively contract due to the presence of smooth muscle-like fibroblasts, thereby affecting musculoskeletal dynamics. [1]

In the process of exercise, the muscles are innervated by nerves. Sometimes the muscles can relax after exercise, but the nerves are still in a state of excitement, which may cause continuous muscle tension and stiffness. In addition, in some high-intensity exercise or long-term fatigue of maintaining a posture, the muscles and fascia may be slightly damaged.


Before using the massage gun, make sure you know about the basic rules of use, master your strength without deliberately exerting force. Under high-frequency impacts, the deep muscle tissue can be stimulated through shocks to relieve all kinds of fatigue, muscle tension, and even pain. 

Here briefly talk about the use of these five tips:


1. The cylindrical gun head is small, and the impact force is relatively strong, which is suitable for people and places that are more stressed.

2. The spherical head and flathead are the most commonly used, with moderate impact force but large impact area. It is suitable for most parts of the whole body. Some people feel that the spherical head is comfortable, and some people feel that the flathead is comfortable, depending on personal preference.

3. Inflatable cushion head, suitable for people who are not stressed, and areas with thinner skin.

4. U-shaped head is more suitable for the spine, calf, ankle and other areas. If you have to use it to massage your back, it is also possible.

5. Thumb head uses for massage soft tissue.

What’s the taboo of using a fascia gun? 

Although the fascia gun has a low threshold for use. There are still several points to note in use.

1. It cannot be used directly by people who are particularly weak or suffering from certain organic diseases. For example, people who suffer from epilepsy, mental illness, and those who have undergone surgery must respect the doctor’s advice. 

2. Avoid using the fascia gun above the clavicle, that is, the clavicle, neck, and head. Try not to use the fascia gun for massage. There are dense nerves and blood vessels, which are prone to problems.

3. Avoid using the fascia gun in the groin area, which is also densely packed with nerves and blood vessels. It is also a sensitive privacy area. Use it with caution.

4. Use the fascia gun with caution in areas with thin skin, such as the tibia, spine, pelvis, etc. The use of the fascia gun in these areas will cause additional damage to the head.

5. People who have done a heart bypass or stent should not directly use the fascia gun to massage their back. This is the most important point and must be remembered. The powerful penetrating power of the fascia gun may affect the working status of the precision equipment in the body. So do not try it lightly if people have above health problem. 



Handheld Electric Fascia guns are highly recommended for use in gyms or studios. It becomes commonly used in the office, that’s extremely uncomfortable if you sit in the desk for long hours. The fascia gun plays its great role, let’s find an area or a trigger point with obvious soreness, and enjoy!


Honest Torch lighter Review 2020 August | Comparison

I’m going to talk about the torch lighter that I just bought. I’ve been using it for a couple of days and I’m very very happy with it. So it’s time to talk about it, this was recommended by someone on Instagram they know who they are. I greatly appreciate a big thumbs up when I was talking about lighters, and I want to get something for the pouch because I had the little cheapo one in there, which happened to fit fine.


I just wanted a slender lighter that I would be able to use for many years. so I wanted decent quality lighter this one was recommended. When I first saw it, I’m like that’s it, I have to get that one. And I weighed a little bit hesitated because I don’t really want to spend 30 bucks on the new lighter. However, my mind straightly told me I should get it, and finally, I did.

butane lighter-edm-items-for-pocket (6)


So um yeah here’s the butane lighter it’s a very simple concept you see on a standard lighter we have a wheel which rubs on a flint there’s a spring that pushes a flint up there so it rubs on the fly it makes a spark and as we’re sparking the same time, we’re hitting this little button here which releases the gas, this is like forked in there if you’ve never taken a later part. And when you push the button down at pivots and lifts up a little collar which let’s gas come through. So in one sweeping motion, we’re sparking. You’re letting gas out and obviously, when we’re doing this, we’re holding the button down so gas is coming out till we let go and we let go the flame goes out. Simple concept great designs in a million layers.


This one is different, there is no button there instead of the buttons down here, so we have an on and off switch essentially. The little dot is off and the fire is on, so what you can do with this, and the concept behind it is you can use the lighter to spark tinder or kindling or whatever to start a fire without the gas. If you run out of fuel, you can still light a fire, but you can still spark your lighter without wasting gas.


On this lighter, if I want to spark it, you know and there’s gas in there I’m gonna be hitting that button every time. I’m saying so it’s hard to spark this without hitting the button.


So again I can spark this as much as I want without wasting any of the gas. All you have to do is rotate this and turn the gas on the second, you’re gonna hear it that’s the on position any off position, so that’s essentially replacing our button alright. So you turn it on spark it and then there’s our flame. I have a set kind of high you can adjust this higher or even lower. It has a strong butane plane, all right you guys can see that right and when I watch this later off simply rotate. The design is very well, it makes it hands-free because you have to hold on to its button if you use the previous lighter.



Hand-free is the most advantages of this torch jet lighter, so turn on the spark that left it on the table if I want it sits upright I can do projects if I want to. I don’t know heat color something anodized something like that you know, or if I want to you know shove it deep into you know my fire. Then I’m trying to get started whatever the case may be it can use it hands-free. Two benefits of leaving the gas off, just sparking it or using a lighter in a hands-free fashion which is really really cool now.


Of course, you’re thinking alright well you keep sparking the thing what happens when the Flint runs out. There’s a little screw in the bottom, and you unscrew that you have a little spring in your Flint, so you can easily replace the Flint. The torch lighters have a couple of different colors. I was very tempted to get they like a sapphire blue, really vibrant, really cool, they also like you know spectrum rainbow color one and I think there’s a there’s a fourth color. But anyway, I end up going with the gunmetal gray. I’m very happy with it and it’s replacing the cheapo layer.


Thanks do the job even better and it’s kind of classy and different. So that’s my pocket EDC option for a long time like I said I might change. They also make a black one, that’s what it was I’ll get the black born in the future replace it with a black light and get the black Fisher Space. Pen alright gonna be kind of cool to a little black set up there, I just like having a consistent a theme I guess. But anyway there you go if you guys have that later. Let me know what you think of it long-term if you have all the lighters, they like you know to write those. As well people love lighters, I love using lighters for all kinds of stuff.

Are Massage Guns Worth It?

This Massage Gun is designed with a T-shape, and the handle has a certain angle, which makes it inconvenient to massage the back and

other places, but it feels good and is relatively non-slip. It also includes a storage bag.

My daughter is a diver. I’ve been using a massage bed and my bear hand to help her with muscle recovery – no need to say, the tiredness is

transferred from her muscle to mine, every time. This tool is a saver more for me.


This massage gun has a lot working for it:

(1) The motor is relative quieter compare with similar earlier version of similar products

(2) The heads are well designed and easy to be mounted on and off

(3) The operation is no-brain: power switch on bottom and adjust button at the back with 3 levels of frequency

(4) The storage case is neat and could be put under the massage table

(5) Battery life is decent, and charging is quick

(6) Batter status indicator is helpful so you can control the charging pace


Very easy instructions out of the box to follow. Make sure you let it charge fully before first use. When it comes to my post-workout sessions

and my muscles are tight or tense, this massage gun allows me to target any area I want with 3 different speed settings. It comes with several

different heads to give you different techniques.

In my opinion this is the best percussion massager, it is really one of the only products within this price range that has been completely 

redesigned from the ground up in order to be a percussion massager.

You can dig deep into the pressure tissue they also have a ball right here, and then just a stopper that comes on standard. All you do is take

them off to pull them and then put them back in these. This one you kind of have to screw off and then screw it back in, in order to change the

battery on the hyper volt, you could press the button here and then pull off. It is the entire battery, and it’s also easily replaceable and easily


About the hyper volt is that you don’t have to press the trigger in order to use it, so you just turn on this button, and then you click on the back

right next to the battery indicator. 


What is the best led flood light for outdoors?

For now, more and more people want to improve the lighting outside their residence. But they don’t know how to choose suitably LED flood lights. There are various types of floodlight on the market, so the first thing you must be doing is deciding what type of lighting you should be fitting. Once you make a decision to set up any sort of outdoor LED floodlights, we would suggest that you consider the following aspects.

What type of LED light fixtures you should purchase

Most people will be inclined to go for the kinds of ultra-slim floodlights for the exterior of the house that runs off the mains electrical energy supply. However, if you do consider this kind of outdoor LED Floodlight for your home, then you need to consider the expenditure of having it installed. If you don’t feel easy when it comes to carrying out electrical work around the house, then of course you will have to pay a qualified electrician to accomplish the job for you.

How much lighting do you need

It’s only after you make a decision how much of the outdoor of your property you wish to lit up by the ultra-thin flood light – you can make a decision on how many lights you require and also what type. If you wish the lighting to offer lighting to precise locations such as the terrace and front of your house, then buying 2 lights should be adequate.


Why are you purchasing outdoor Led floodlights

As you’ll quickly discover, there are several reasons why people are preferring to set up flood lights around their residences these days. Some people employ it as a mode of developing a certain ambiance to their property, whereas for others it’ll act as prevention. Only when you comprehend the causes of why you wish to purchase outdoor LED floodlights – it will be easy for you to make a decision. All you need to do is spend some time online to find the most reliable manufacturer of LED flood lights.


How to Refill a Butane Torch Lighter

How to Refill a Butane Torch Lighter? Today I will share my experience about refilling the gas jet light. This method has never failed for me and I can say that doing a purge has greatly increased the number of cigars that can be lit before a refill.


Release all tank pressure by pressing on the inlet valve with a small screwdriver or a XIKAR MTX Multi-Tool bleeder. Hold the lighter vertically while bleeding the valve. Repeat this several times until all fuel/ gas pressure is released.

Set flame adjustment to the lowest setting (-).

Turn lighter in an upside-down position and insert a butane tank tip directly on the fuel valve. Do not shake the can of butane! This increases the amount of propellant in the mixture that goes into the lighter, and should not be done. Press down firmly for about 5 seconds.


Before igniting lighter, wait 3-4 minutes.? This allows excess butane to evaporate and gas inside lighter to reach room temperature.

Set flame level to the desired height by turning the flame adjuster wheel.

Is there anything you might add or detract from this guide? Comment below.


Is the beard straightener really work?

A friend of mine showed me this beard straightener and I knew I had to try it. His beard is always perfect and when I saw the beard straightener I thought it would be perfect as a travel straightener for my own hair. 

After several months of use, I decided to share my experience on this hair straightener. According to its advertising, this beard straightening comb is designed in the USA to achieve different styles for all hair and beards, either curl, straighten, volumize, or simple brushing. Saying advanced MCH technology offers a fast, even heat distribution. Negative ionic technology yields better results. 


The low setting works but takes a slower pass to straighten. Can use a bit faster pass to get a generally clean look. High temp works a little faster and provides a very straight hair look. The comb part has just the right amount of grab to it and keeps the heat away from your skin. My older ones weren’t so nice. This site is much better also. Easier to use on a beard and if you just comb through it as you would with a regular brush, you end up with a nice straight, longer looking beard. Small enough to use on the mustache too. All in all, very pleased with the product after several months of use. Case, not heat resistant so be careful heating it up and letting it cool down.


It would be nice to have a heat resistant pad to place on like another one I have. If you lay a weighted object over a handle while heating/cooling, it will keep the head portion up off the counter so as not to burn.

I’ve tried other small-size straighteners but none seem to pack enough punch to give me the results I want. I don’t care if something is ‘made for women’, I don’t need pink flowers on my beauty products. I just need them to work! And this one does. It comes in a simple but nice drawstring bag, making it even easier to throw in my carry-on or in my purse, and the two settings let me choose how much heat I want to apply and makes it less damaging to my hair. It left my hair straight and shiny.

If you are low-maintenance like me, you will probably like this heated straightener brush. This is a great alternative for when you don’t have enough time in the morning for a traditional flat iron session, or are just simply afraid to use a traditional flat iron because of how hot they get, but still need a little extra help taming your hair, this is for you. It’s safer on the hands and less damaging to the hair.

For your reference.


  • Heats up in 30 seconds, the men’s beard straightener is designed to quickly style a beard or hair effortlessly.
  • Negative ion technology enables hair to be hydrated and smoothed simultaneously,
  • preventing heat damage and giving a healthy and polished look
  • The heat barrier comb, designed with revolutionary bristles glides across the face and scalp without harming the skin.
  • The quality performing beard straightening brush makes it easy to achieve and long-lasting effects regardless of hair type.
  • The dual temperature options ( 180℃/356℉) and (200℃/392℉) make satisfying results for all kinds of hair and beard.
  • The comfortable ergonomic handle and the flexible rotating power cord which prevents entanglement ensures its easy usage.
  • This slim and lightweight beard comb straightener(1.26*8.27 inch and 7.41 oz) comes with a velvet storage pouch,
  • which makes it easy when traveling.
  • The electric beard straightener brush is the perfect gift for anyone who likes stylish hair or long beard.

Cyelk Knife Sharpener Review | 2020

I seldom use handheld knife sharpeners, it works by using two pieces of tungsten carbide in a “V formation to wear away the metal on either side of a blade, creating a new edge. I tried electric sharpeners. These sharpeners didn’t help me sharpen my knife, so I decided to go back to the traditional knife sharpener.
When I saw the product with a brand name “Cyelk“, I have to say, the pictures of this knife sharpener attracted me at first glance. Then, I found it’s different than most sharpener on the market, it featured with 4 in 1 knife and scissor sharpening designed. This may not special for others, but for me, it’s my first time seeing this one. I tried to buy the product. During the epidemic climate, people stay at home and shop online. Logistics at the time get busy than usual, meanwhile, they should keep a distance from each other during working, it takes longer to deliver. But I finally got this sharpener for my dull knives. 
I can’t wait to use it on my knives, like the handle on the side to make it easier to use perfectly for both hands. On the bottom, you have a non-slip handle for stable use. I tried a few of my old knives and also achieved a great result with them. But you have to admit that it does not work for all kinds of knives, actually, at this price, it does a good job already.
Just like the actual use of the product, the sharpening effect was very important. Sharpen a few knives at a time. I was able to quickly restore the sharpness of the passivated blade and helped me to solve the problem. Instead of spending money on a new knife, you are spending money on a good sharpener. I’ve found it now. I am happy to use this knife as a new one.
For attentive consumers will find that they are also kindly equipped with brushes and gloves. My husband’s hands are rougher than mine, the glove protects my hands against the discomfort of holding the handle for too long, and it seems to protect against cuts. The brush can be used to clean the gap of the knife sharpener, what a nice household good!


How to make a jet torch lighter work perfectly

How to make a jet torch lighter work perfectly? This will be rather wordy but perhaps my long-term experiences with these can help others frustrated by the unit as I initially was. 

Initially (~4y ago) when I first tried these jet lighters (as did a friend), we were both very frustrated as they seemed to work well for a short spell (a few weeks) then sort of died. More clicks, fewer lights progressively, etc. Over time, however, we learned that these units just need to be ‘understood’ and little quirks (if unnoticed) cause them to progressively fail.

We tried the high end’ butanes, the ultra mega 5,000x virgin filtered GLacier butane blah blah blah, no improvement. But here’s what we learned that has made all the difference…

As noted by some – the butane tank is relatively small so refills are needed perhaps a bit more often than other torches, remember there are 3 jets too. Well, if you look closely at the ‘fill port’ on the bottom, you’ll notice it is also a flame intensity/output control with a standard screwdriver type ‘slot’ for turning to adjust…noting the + and – symbols to show which way to turn the port-adjuster screw.

Now, probably 80% of you are like ‘yah yah tell me something I didn’t know!’ right? Well here’s the thing… just by virtue of ‘filling’ the tank with a butane canister tip, that ‘activity’ alone causes ever so slightly the adjustment screw to turn a bit – so over time with each refill the adjustment was getting turned DOWN so eventually click click click SPUTTER pop pop fizz ‘Nuthin. Because the adjustment is unwittingly being reduced to non-functionality bit by bit with each refill ERGO, make sure you re-adjust the fill port screw every so often BACK UP to a working amount (may only be half a turn makes all the difference.

Second, when refilling, we learned that sort of pushing the canister tip in-out whilst also moving the lighter level, vertical, upside down, sideways, etc bleeds a lot of the air out allowing for a greater fill…BUT BEWARE…

1) It further causes the intensity screw to ‘reduce’ fractions at a time, so again, mind the setting screw and adjust it to backup a titch. AND

2) doing so gives a greater fill but also causes the unit/fuel to be VERY COLD. The lighter often wont light for a while unless/until you warm it back up (put it in pocket for 5 mins, hold it in your hand etc. The butane doesn’t like to light when very cold. So if you’ve just filled the unit, there’s a good chance it’s COLD and click click click ‘nuthin. Just warm it up and away she goes.

Finally, every so often take one of those PC compressed air cans and blast out the jet/spark area that tends to gather pocket lin\ lt, etc. preventing a spark and thus ignition. A good blast with your own mouth often helps almost as well. Keep it clean/lint-free.



1. Repeated filling causes death by fractions, the adjuster screw sloooooow (and imperceptibly!!) reducing each time you insert the canister tip. Keep it adjusted up accordingly after every few fills.

2. Tip the lighter left right up down this way that way whilst inserting the canister tip over and over as if ‘pumping’ the lighter while refilling, it will fill MUCH better, BUT

3. Will be COLD (needs to warm back up to light well) and will cause the screw to reduce even more – so keep it adjusted up, as above.

4. Keep the jet/spark area clean.

We now have no problems whatsoever going on 3+ years with a few of these lighters each. Not a speck of problems. Easy peasy we just needed to learn the nuances that make a good lighter seem like a bad one that dies. If you try the above, I bet almost everyone will realize the same issues. Anyway good luck.I